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Trading Coaching


Looking for Trading Coaching and a Down to Earth Trading Coach?

As a private trading company we trade our own money, we are always looking for new traders and in some cases will sponsor traders with our own trading money.

At Fxlivedaytrading we have been training traders for over 15 years. At FXLIVE  we  get enjoyment our of personal training and is our team instructor. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a trader turn his life around and learn the art of trading after a series of loses. Our trading company is ready and willing to help you. FXLIVE will allocate a certain portion of his time weekly to help empower traders with a complete plan. We will discuss Futures, Forex as well as Stocks.


You may be wondering, how does a full time trader make time to dedicate consulting each week? There is a strategy behind meeting traders as our goal is to ultimately find more traders to eventually train and trade our private funds.

The first meeting will be 15 minutes before the start time to get to know where you are in trading. This will let us both get an idea if you need a one-on-one or just some quick clarity on things. A big part of the Bullish Bears is that we are here for you. There is no need to spend money for simple answers.

The "consultation" is designed so I can clear up any small, simple question you may have about trading. This is not meant to be a full lesson or consultation for an experience. Feel free to ask anything that may assist you in that next step to becoming a profitable trader, but make sure to keep it concise and in the scope of our time.

A 15 minute consultation is preferred before scheduling a desired lesson. This is so I can tailor the lesson specifically to you. After the initial consultation, I will send you a direct link to book your lesson time. For all lessons and chat's I will email you a private zoom link 15 min before our meeting time. *( if you do not have a mic please let me know and I will call you on the number you provide, most laptops have a built in mic.)

A free 15 minute follow up consultation will be made after two consultations to see your progress.



Understanding the Basics
1 hour @ $125.00

Forming the Foundation for Success
1 hour 30 minutes @ $179.00

Trading  and Mastering Yourself 2 hours @ $299.00

Reaching Above and Beyond

3 - 4 hours depending on your level of expertise and goals - @ $599

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