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Forex Trading Performance

Forex Trading Performance

We currently have our 90 Day Challenge that began on 8-31-2020, this is a small account to show the average new Forex traders account. Please track this account and check our youtube channel for videos on this challenge. You can see the Forex Trading Performance in real tme by following the charts below.




Why We Don't Provide Forex Signal For the 90 Day Challenge?

Searching the web, you will find many Forex Signal services offering their product, yet why are we not selling signals in a real money Forex Account trading for 90 days, its simply because the leverage is high and we are an educational service not a money fund advisors.¬† I have been trading for many years and I love my job, I am sure I can make a lot of money sending out signals, however, what comes with this is people who are just looking to make money, if you want to do anything well in life it has to go beyond money, its the game, not the money for me, don't get me wrong I will take the money too. ūüėČ



forex signal performance


Forex Signal Performance - The Truth

How many times have you seen outrageous signal website and you look to see the performance and there is a spreadsheet with pips and dates?
With us, it goes beyond this and we are here to teach and spread knowledge not to babysit pip seekers, this is not the road to success but the road to relying on others to help make you money and this is not a success. How many times have you watched youtube videos and many will say, I just made $20,000 today, and they are trading Forex and sitting in their Lambo, this is nice but what does it do for the new trader? It presents false hopes, the fact is many traders will burn their first account in under 3 months, because of lies they have believed from others or themselves. Many traders often start with $2500, this is the average, so then why do you see accounts flashing with millions of dollars when traders will not learn to trade properly from a mentor who trades 3 million dollar account (which I doubt). The bottom line is what can you do with the average tiny account? Anything? Well watch our Forex Performance here at and subscribe to our youtube and watch the Forex Trading Performance.


forex signal performance


Winning Can Be Taught By Watching Others Succeed 

One important aspect of our Forex Education Program is that is based on real trades that we take. This is the first time we have created a video library and talked about each and every trade, win or lose we discuss.


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