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Bitcoin Trading Room

Bitcoin Trading Room

New for 2020!

"I have been a fx live day trading room member for over 6 years, I am happy they began this program for 2020! By Far the Best Community of serious traders. After trading stocks for the past 4 years, last year I got into Bitcoin trading and began trading in the Forex Room with BT. It was packed full of information on the different exchanges pros and cons, setting up hot & cold wallets, knowing which technical analysis patterns and setups work the best for Bitcoin. All of this has contributed to my success in trading, and on top of that, the community is awesome, and Gerard is one of the nicest and down to earth traders/coaches I have ever had in my 8 years of trading full time.”
- Harold, UK


Our New Bitcoin Trading Room has Arrived!

As many of you may know, we have been day trading Bitcoin for years and doing it very successfully, after popular demand we have listened to your inquiries and are dedicating a trading room for Bitcoin.

The new official private channel of our Bitcoin Trading Room is run by Gerard, we are quickly becoming the most sought after Bitcoin traing room on the web. We're dedicated to building a community of Bitcoin currency traders who want to learn, earn, and growing together to become elite crypto / Bitcoin traders.



  • Real-Time Bitcoin Trade Alerts
    Stay ahead of all the great moves in the crypto currency market. Get real-time alerts on every trade we take straight to your mobile device.
  • Rockin Opportunities
    Don't miss the next big opportunity. We have traded many cryptos for 100% + moves over multiple days. and our always looking for the next explosive coin
  • Live Market Commentary Videos, charts, and messages delivered live in our chatroom detailing possible setups, price and coin analysis, and market updates.
  • 24/7 Community  chatroom with hundreds of traders from various experience levels. Become a part of our high performing community with an eye to the Bitcoin currency.
  • Day & Swing Trade Alerts
  • Introduction To Trading Bitcoin Course (new for 2020, will be completed on 1/23/2020) The intro course, included as a bonus, will get you ready and set up to start day trading bitcoin. This course will have 5 hours of basic videos on demand.
  • Weekly Bitcoin Street Newsletter
    Ideas and possible setups to look for before the week begins (mailed on Sunday night EST)
  • Month To Month Billing
  • We use ZOOM for our trading room software.


As of 1/20/2020 our Bitcoin Trading Room is filled, we do not oversubscribe our trading room to be sure we can provide maximum training efforts to all our members. If interested in Forex training you can choose the Forex Mentor option or the one on one Trading Coaching options.

If you would like to be placed on the waiting list for the next trading room opening please join our waiting list with our email.

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